Crystal Quest CQE-CO-05003 Commercial Acid Neutralizer Water Filter System 1"-3" line - 7 cu ft

Item #: 481152448
Retail price: $2,900.00
Price: $2,900.00

Commercial Acid Neutralizer Water Filters are designed for outstanding pefrormance, and are ideal for neutralizing low pH where high-flow residential or commercial water filtering application is desired. Commercial Acid Neutralizer Water System can be used before whole house or iron removal filters to increase performance. Available water flow is between 12 GPM and 118 GPM (gallons per minute). 3 cubic foot tank: 12 GPM flow, 1 inch water line; 4 cubic foot tank: 16 GPM flow, 1.5 inch water line; 7 cubic foot tank: 22 GPM flow, 1.5 inch water line; 10 cubic foot tank: 30 GPM flow, 2 inch water line; 15-40 cubic foot tank is required for 3 inch water line; NOTE: SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED! The units are VERY heavy. They are custom-built on the site, actual shipping charges will be added to your order after assembly. This system does NOT need backwashing!
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