Crystal Quest W9-PLUS Countertop Water Filter white with Replaceable Cartridge - Countertop W9 PLUS

Item #: 479055579
Retail price: $79.00
Price: $79.00

Countertop Water Filter with single 6-stage replaceable cartridge. Perfect solution for household of any size, easy installation. Filter effectively removes hundreds of contaminants from water. The solid state water filter uses latest technologies that blend the absorption capabilities of coconut shell activated carbon with REDOX. Countertop Filter features 6 stages of advanced water filtration. 1 micron sediment filtration, granular activated carbon (GAC), Redox alloy also called KDF - all this is a single multi-stage cartridge. Countertop Water Filter easily connects to any standard kitchen faucet via a diverter. A diverted valve near the aerator switches between filtered and unfiltered water. Flow rate: 0.5 to 0.75 gallon per minute, best performance at 0.5 gpm Filtration capacity: 10,000 gallons, (replace every 1-2 years); 20,000 gallons (replace every 2-3 years); 30,000 gallons (replace every 2-4 years). Filters 10,000 gallons
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