SenSafe IT-AP-01 Ammoina Aquarium and Pond Test Strips AquariaTest

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Price: $10.99

The Ammonia AquariaTest is a water quality testing alternative to wet-chemical and time consuming testing. The Ammonia AquariaTest is ideal for everyone from the novice to the experienced water quality tester. It is also ideal for the Salt Water enthusiast desiring to test for Ammonia in water. Great test for fish tanks too! This ammonia aquarium and ammonia pond wate test kit can be used in fresh, blackish and salt water - AquariaTest 1. The instructions below are only valid for Fresh Water 1. Using suppllied pipette, fill one of the supplied vials half full (3 ml) with water. 2. Cap vial and shake for 30 seconds 3. Remove cap and dip one test strip for 30 seconds with back and forth motion 4. Remove the strip and match to the closest color on a chart Easy to use test strips, color coded test results. Bottle contains 25 testing strips, pipette and vial. Ammonia levels: 0, 0.2, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0
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