GE Osmonics Desal GE-RO-TFM-100 GE Desal TFM-100 Reverse Osmosis Membrane 1221122 Osmonics

Item #: 479055434
Retail price: $43.95
Price: $43.95

GE Osmonics TFM-100 Reverse Osmosis Membrane part number 1221122. TFM RO Membrane that processes 100 gallons per day. Pentek GE Osmonics TMF-100 RO replacemen water filter membrane. TFM / TFC stands for "thin film composit" membrane. GE Desal TFM-100 Reverse Osmosis membranes will fit many Reverse Osmosis systems that use standard TFM membranes between 24 and 150 gallons per minute. Filter model: GE Desal Osmonics TFM 100 RO membrane part 1221122 Size: 11.75 x 1.8 inches Flow Rate: 100 gallons per day at 65 psi water pressure Average NaCl Rejection rate: 96% Fits following Brands: PENTEK, U.S. Water ( US Water ), Culligan, Ametek, US Filter, American Plumber, Kinetico, Watts and more. This mebrane is a 100 gpd, thin film reverse osmosis membrane that replaces the following part numbers: GE 3007133, GE TFM-100, GE TFM100AK, GE TFM-100NT, GE TFM100NT, and Desal 1221122. Depending on stock, you may also receive M-T1812A100 ( MT1812A100 ) membrane, which is identical item. ANSI/NSF certified component Standard 58
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